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After about 10 minutes I was finally given the ok to ask a question. I figured it wasn’t really cheating, my wife wouldn’t know the difference and I hadn’t actually had sex.

I asked if the person at the other end would tell me anything about themselves. “A sub does not need to know anything about their Master other than the fact that I am man in his 40s. I wandered out into the street, slipped into a bookstore for a few minutes and then walked towards the train station. Usually I paid my fee and the girls massaged me and gave me a pretty good handjob but nothing more. “Too bad, I was really horny.” I got up on my side. “Wait a minute,” she said and came into the room and closed it behind her. He gives a good massage and could help you with this little–I mean big–problem,” she said, her cold hand enveloping my veined member. “I’m not gay.” “You would hardly know the difference. I’ll give you a free one next time if you try it out.

Another long day inside a gray glass and steel skyscraper. Yes, the parlor would be a good way to kill some time before my train came. “Be with you in a minute,” she said, pointing to the chairs and magazines. After a few minutes Stacey waived me down the hallway and followed me into a waiting massage room. I loved the feeling of my naked body on the soft cotton sheets, and looking down through the hole in the table, as I had so often before. I’d never been with a guy or had really been interested. “Maybe he could massage me and then I’ll take care of it myself,” I said.

He was tall, maybe six foot two or six foot three with large muscular arms and legs which were intriguing to watch as he easily picked up my heavy bag.

As he turned to climb back into the driver’s side of the cab I noticed his tight ass.

The fare here says you charge twenty dollars for an hour, what do you charge for half and hour?

” “Well, we really don’t have a rate outlined for that, but if you want to stop and have me wait I’d only charge you twelve dollars.” “Twelve isn’t bad,” I said. ” The wonderful thing about the internet is that it gives you an anonymous freedom to explore.


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