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In particular UK TV companies including a very incisive Channel 4 documentary have investigating the depths and the nature of the Thai sex industry and how it works.

Many programmes rightly focus on the sinister sex trafficking trade which is part of the industry.

The same TV documentary also features a young Thai girl working in a Bangkok sex bar who avoids sex with foreign customers because she is waiting for her foreign boyfriend to get her a visa to live the United Kingdom.

'There are many stories of sex workers or bar girls who find a foreign life or marriage partner particularly when you consider the more causal nature of sex for sale in Thailand.

In a recent Channel 4 documentary we can see a poor Thai woman spending half her income on a go-between agent who uses internet dating sites to find a suitable foreign partner while trying to take care of a young family.

Finally after years of trying and expense, she gives up and takes the lonely bus journey to Bangkok to join the flourishing sex trade there.

I am sure that without these strict rules, there are some unfortunate Thai women who would fall victim to some of the bad operators out there,' says Mr Boeker.It may surprise foreigners to discover that most Thai people are deeply conservative and traditional.To many of them the sex industry is a source of national shame.But just who are the women behind the glass windows or the girls dancing in the go-go bars?The scale and extent of sex for sale in Bangkok is mind boggling.As economic progress continues, the sex industry is increasingly no longer considered as indispensible and most Thai people will point out that it has always been illegal.


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