Six pack abs online dating

When she does allow herself to eat sugar, baked goods, or sweet treats, she does so out of her home.2. Wendy says one of the greatest challenges to maintaining a new eating and exercise program may be our partners.

If those we share our lives with are on board and supportive, we’re much more likely to succeed in meeting our fitness goals.3. When changing your diet and exercise habits, consistency is crucial.

“The beauty of having been on the planet for several decades is you know yourself, what makes you feel good, and how to achieve that feeling,” explains fitness-buff Wendy Ida.

The truth is, she looks better—because her fitness is emotional as well as physical.“I know that making good health choices is important, but I’ve got to ask, what’s your real secret? Life is a mix of pleasure and work.” Listening as Wendy talked about spending time with her husband and helping others achieve their goals, I noticed that she’s managed to create a life with more pleasure than work, or so it seems.Her work has in many ways become her pleasure and her pleasure, getting massages and vacationing, is intertwined with her work.I pushed her for answers that might explain those abs.“At forty-three, I had to get my thinking right,” she said.Your new routine must evolve into a real routine, not a few days of mindful eating.


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