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make the game, create the special hardware, then pay pierres anthony his royalties – by fuzzy_geeki am looking for nerds & geeks with no experience in real life concerning the opposite gender. so that the person on the other side controls what happens.

i have experience, and can give you more than just 'virtual' reality. so what happens when you're getting some, um, luvvin, and then she presses “bite hard” or “rip sack”so, who cares?

perhaps you can make your character and evangelical christian like flanders and convert the other characters – i think that this could be a game for the whole world so everyone can stay at home and miss out on life. america was once a bright beacon for western civilization, a nation that was the physical manifestation of the morality of its people. let's take it to the next level, let's meet offline.

now look at this cesspit…anyone read that book about an online vr game where you can have sex in the game, with special hardware. – by cruisingi can just see it:you meet a gal online, have a fun “adult” time. then you find out that your kornikova look-alike is actually a 50-year old exploring his “alternative side” hahhahahahaha – by h00kw0rmi heard they created a “pleasure suit” that you can use with this and other games.

the only time he'll be a danger to society is when he runs to the grocery store without showering.

– by correction dept.i think it's a little overboard using technology like have some pretty great games out do not need games like this where people learn to take advantage of each other this crap is really real then i can see law enforcement stepping in on if a 15 year old boy was pretending to be a 25 year old just so he could get a girl online and ended upflirting with some 60 year old toad pretending to be a just can't be much can go wrong with this,to much will go horribly wrong.i say no to this technology.

Whether you’re bi-curious or queen of the scene, all are welcome to explore and play this alternative lifestyle videogame.

'You don't get a feel for who the person is, you get a feel for who the person wants you to believe they are.

what if you combined the sims with a dating service and uncensored adult entertainment?

so, if you thought the grand theft auto “hot coffee” mod (see our previous coverage) was something to get excited about, then you will probably want to check out naughty america: the game.

better not let hillary clinton find out about this.


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