Are you updating this app because of a legal issue

Apart from being free from ads, the Mod apk also makes Show Box demand less permissions.

Also, the Mod app doesn’t interrupt your app after launching with update notifications you might not want.

It's obvious Google's priority on this isn't particularly high, so rather than find a fix, I found a workaround.

Does anyone know how to reset the position when updating the dataset? The problem is that understanding how it works is a little complex.

Looking at the solutions explained here, there is a misunderstanding and therefore a poor usage of instantiated views from my point of view.

Imagine for example that you have 100 pages with 100 1 - Your solution not only works like a charm I ran in exactly the problem you described here when I had to update pages which contained a tabs with listviews, textviews and images. After hours of frustration while trying all the above solutions to overcome this problem and also trying many solutions on other similar questions like this, this and this which all FAILED with me to solve this problem and to make the (); pager Items.add(new Pager Item("Fragment1", new My Fragment1())); pager Items.add(new Pager Item("Fragment2", new My Fragment2())); m Pager Pager Items(pager Items); m Pager Adapter.notify Data Set Changed(); This is the only solution worked for me too.

My case is not updating the fragment, but removing or adding fragments dynamically.


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