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(I had a 2 year stint with this sexy little goth girl awhile back, but that's over now and not coming back.) And here's the problem. The reason I decided to post this on mtgs (besides desperation) is that on occasion, I have seen a fellow magic player with a decent looking alternative girl, to a much higher concentration than i would have "in the wild." TL: DR, Halp guys, where do goth girls hang out? Crap the nerd has a better shot with the prom queen because he can probably help her with a test or something and then get a date as a reward via bargaining.

Assuming they're like most girls in most cliques - if you're out of your element, odds are your "game" is going to be pretty weak in said clique. I won't say its truly impossible but you basically have to change everything about yourself legitimately or become a total poser that just pretends to be a goth. Attend large social gatherings at individual houses.

Yes, there are definitely certain aspects of the Gothic and Emo subcultures that are incompatible with Christianity, but no more so than similar aspects of mainstream society.

or "50 Shades of Grey" if you enjoy awkward conversations. A lot of artsy girls are also very scene, and if you're good then you deserve the attention. Whenever I'm at a concert of any halfway popular metal/screamo/whatever band (Suicide Silence, We Came As Romans, Bring me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria - just to name a few), there are a buttload full of emo/scene girls attending and most of them already looking like they just want to be taken home by some stranger, but I digress...

So yeah, the girls you are looking for are easily found at any metal concert/festival. Maybe some blond "tee hee hee" girls running around in pink bikinis?

Seriously though the above guy that suggested you make some goth/alternative friends is actually pretty spot on. And yea, he answered in the midst of my typing, but photography is an "anyone can do" thing assuming you've got at least 1 working finger and good eyes. If it's a smaller concert that doesn't cost a fortune (most "underground" bands that don't appear in the charts won't charge all too much - therefore I disagree with the Goyf/Jace pricetag as stated before), give it a go and attend at the concert instead of just waiting at the parking lot. The only way to estimate him less than that would be to suggest that he'll give you herpes if you play him in your deck... And I would be hard pressed to believe that this is what the OP is looking for. Make wrong assumptions about my personal taste all you want, it doesn't contribute anything to your argument. And I bet my money that there's a good percentage of the 500.000 inhabitants of Leipzig who share my opinion (I don't know anyone who lives in Leipzig who is like "yay, finally it's WGT again" about it), so it's not like I'm the only person who thinks about certain things as "freak-ish".

Spend a little bit of time in the scene and you'll find out everything you need to know. Also @ misclick it's actually fairly normal to be interested in another person because of a specific look or attitude. Depends - not the normal mediums - but I've done some Jackson Pollock like stuff that the wife considers good enough to hang in our home and make conversation with new friends over. You don't have to stand in the first row or stand in the middle of a mosh pit or anything. And I have yet to witness one WGT weekend after which I am not under the impression that the latter kind of visitors was in the majority. And for the record, I'm not saying they shouldn't be like that, no, let them have their way - I just stated that I doubt the OP is looking for that particular kind of girl/women with plastic tubes in their hair and neon-green fuzzy boots and all that stuff.


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