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Marriage is a sacred social formation; not only in Islam but in all religions and faiths..Without the correct attention and participation, such a bond will not last, or will require a heavy price from both parties; and their kids as well..All Muslim women should benefit from the example of Sayyedah Khadeejah PBUH, that they may reach Her status among the righteous women in Paradise. S.; As per the Islamic authorities, there are two concepts to understand this verse.. the 2nd addresses Quotes/Deeds associated with people..Replace the subject words women or men by quotes or deeds, and read it again..

Shakir: Bad women are for bad men and bad men are for bad women.The above Hadiths emphasize the importance of marrying a good Muslim woman.This is why Muslim men should always seek such women to be happy in this life.If her husband gets angry with her, she would hold his hand and say : “By Allah, I will not sleep until you forgive me” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim].This Hadith emphasizes the importance of the wife satisfying her husbands sexual needs.In the failed marriage, all parties lose.., which are simply deviation from the cores of Islam, and the righteous guidance of his Prophet PBUH..


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