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He said Police Council was in place until the new government was sworn into office.

Even the old council was in place for a while after this current government was sworn in.

I don’t know whether any commissioner has asked for extension and I don’t manage their record to know their retirement period.

So if they are pending retirement, I don’t know.” He stated that every government worker is entitled to application for extension.

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The Daily Express can confirm that promotion has been delayed for several years especially from the ranks of the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Superintendent of Police (SOP), Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACOP), to the level of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP).

They are Commissioner of Police (COP) in charge of Services, Mr.

Frank Adu Poku, COP Moses Ninson, the Director General in charge of Welfare and COP Rose Bio Atinga in charge of Technical.

It also states that the promotion is subject to the availability of vacancies, an officer who has completed not less than four years of satisfactory service is eligible for promotion in accordance with these regulations.

With regard to extension by some of the Commissioners, Superintendent Arthur said he is not aware of any extension. Even promotion of the senior Police Officers I’m not part of it.


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